Friday, January 14, 2011

Truman Holland and The Back Porch Revue at The Beach House in Mandeville, Louisiana

Truman Holland and The Back Porch Revue at The Beach House in Mandeville by Patty McGehee
Dan and I slipped off Sunday afternoon to The Beach House to catch Ponchatoula native Truman Holland with his Back Porch Revue.

Their music is a fun mix of Bluegrass and folk rock influences. For example, they cover a few John Prine songs, old Johnny Cash tunes sprinkled with original stuff. They will be performing at Grant Street Dance Hall in Lafayette soon.

It was hot out there and the guys were having a rough time with the heat. They played three songs and had to break to handle it. We stayed for six songs. My favorite was "Give Me Back my Wig." The music is fun and well thought out with a very good groove.

I went to see them back on the Fourth Of July at Ruby's and enjoyed them immensely. During the break on the 4th, I went out to where they were frying fish and introduced myself to Scott. We had a conversation about song writers.

Scott Icenogle, who plays a mean upright Bass lives in Nashville and makes frequent trips here to perform with Truman. I have great respect for their showmanship. Along with the two, Danny Bond plays guitar and a blues harp. Danny and I go back a few years as he was a frequent performer at The Suga Canes Blues Jams. Danny has a great voice, but he rarely sings for some reason.
I have not met the other musicians performing with them to be able to tell you anything about them yet.
Here are a few pictures. I don't know why, but Danny's picture was not in the camera when I downloaded.
Scott and Truman-taken by visual artist Patty McGehee
Truman Holland Taken by visual artist Patty McGehee
Scott Taken by visual artist Patty McGehee

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