Sunday, April 28, 2013

2013 Festival Season

We kicked off our yearly Anniversary whirlwind of music by checking out Tab Benoit at Ruby's Roadhouse on April 22nd. Tab played a very energetic show, which I felt was a bit short and there were no encores which for Ruby's, is a rare event. 

Tab said, "You know, a guitar is just a wooden box, so it is just like being inside a guitar here. Playing at Ruby's is like being inside a wooden box. Who does not love listening to music inside a wooden box.?" 

Tab says ...we are in a wooden box......

The crowd was a bit rowdy and getting into my space. I went onto the patio against the wall right behind the band and the sound there was awesome. I hung out there for a while and went back in to watch  him play "Give me my medicine." I was at the side of the stage standing on the benches. It sounded great from there.
Tab Benoit

We had planned a Lil' Band of Gold gig for the following Saturday. I started looking around to see that there was a second LGB show that was cancelled. I was wondering what was up. I asked around and heard rumors that were hard to believe. I have decided to keep the stories to myself. There is no way to verify them.

Steve Riley
On Sunday, March 23rd, we slipped off to Eunice to go see Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys at a crawfish cook off. The festival had no food left by the time we got there at 1:00. We did get a bowl of  Etouffee that was excellent. Steve played about four songs and the wind blew dust up into Dan's contact lenses, so it became apparent that we had to go home. It was a pretty day and the ride was nice once Dan got his lenses to clear up. The wind was very cold, but the sun was bright and the skies were very blue. We did a little sightseeing around Eunice and drove a scenic route for a while.

Friday, April 12th, we went to Lafayette to see Black Bayou Construct at Downtown alive in Lafayette. It was a fun set, but we only saw part of it because we had tickets to see Zachary Richard at the Acadiana Center of the Arts Crossroads series.Roddie Romero was playing guitar for him and Dudley "Cruze" Fruge was on drums. I was excited because I love Dudley's drum style. Dave Torkanosky was on piano. I don't recall the bass player's name as he was a new face to me.  It was a very good show. I especially loved to hear some new songs and some old ones also.
I was expecting to get the new CD autographed after the show, but Zack did not come out as he usually does. He was with the film crew. After the show we hung around in the Lobby long enough to greet Dudley and Roddie. Dudley was beaming with excitement to have that opportunity to perform with Zachary again. He had toured with Zack in the past. We had a great visit and planned to go over to Antlers on Jefferson street to catch Michael Juan Nunez play the last part of a set. I don't have photos because the center does not allow them.

Next: Michael Juan Nunez.

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