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For the Gulf

For the Gulf

by Patty McGehee on Wednesday, September 22, 2010 at 11:09pm
CC Adcock organized one of the most wonderful evenings out at the Acadiana Center for the Performing Arts Grande Opening to raise Money for  Gulf Aid of Acadiana.  Charlie G's, I Monelli, & Chef Pat Mould provided food and libations. Everything was tasty and the music was spectacular. The new facility has  pristine acoustics.

I had a new friend arrive on Friday to share this event with us. Mary Gale arrived on Friday night to go with  us.

The three of us got dressed up and arrived in Lafayette with a half hour to spare before the doors opened. We walked down the street to Pamplona Tapas Bar and had a wonderful glass of Sangria while discussing  what was in store for us. At 6:30 we walked down to the Acadiana Center for the Arts and were greeted on the street by Roddie and Billie Romero.  Billie was dressed in a very chic  dress with a tied ribbon hem that was darling.  We chatted for a moment and wandered inside. The front of the building is a lovely wall of glass. We were ushered into the building to claim our will call tickets which told us what seats we were to sit in. Valerie Gonsoulin was there to greet us and it was a pleasure to meet her in person.

Mary had previously met James and Claudine Tussart before and graciously introduced me to them. James had donated one of his hand made guitars to use as a  fund raiser during a silent auction. I believe it sold for 6 thousand dollars during the evening. The cocktail party before hand included food from Charlie G's, I Monelli, and Chef Pat Mould. I was served some wonderful crepes and a savory crawfish pasta dish. On hand were quite a few of my musician aquaintances.  I got to talk to and visit with some wonderful people. As usual, Eric Adcock gave me a kiss on the cheek.
After eating, the lights in the hall dimmed signaling us to enter the  performance hall. I was astonished to find out that my seats were in a special place so I could take photos. I don't know why, but someone was my angel and sat me in the very front  at stage level in what I would call, perfect seats for a photographer. In fact, the two photographers that were shooting came and stood right by me to shoot.

The show was stellar with no unruly crowd noise and we were able to hear every nuance of the performance in clarity! The new facility has  pristine acoustics and it was a delight to hear Sonny Landreth's incredible guitar work without the noise that usually goes along with his shows in other venues. CC Adcock stole the show with an acoustic rendition of "The Last Hayride" and his performance duo with Ani Defranco was outstanding. Zachary Richard stole my heart again with his song "Last Kiss." Legendary Marianne Faithful ended the show with her fiery voice. All in all, it was a stellar, memorable night.

During the intermission I was able to visit with guitar player Bruce McDonald and photographer Erika Molleck Goldring. I had   previously met Erica   at Tipitina's music workshops for Children. Mary was meeting EVERYBODY! That gal is a whirlwind of social hob knobbing! I was impressed.

I felt very satisfied just to hang back and survey the whole scene. I met a few new people, visited with some others. I decided to go back into the theater before they returned after intermission and Drew Landry came down from above to talk to me  about the impact he has been making  exposing the REAL damages imposed by the oil spill, not the Watered down fake reports being televised by the government. I told him I was impressed about the things he and Sherri have accomplished. He was in a whirlwind of socializing and I felt honored that he took the time to come over and tell me hello. He gave me a quick hug and was off running to hob  knob some more.

I was fiddling with the camera and having a hard time. I knew that I should not use the flash to interrupt the show so I hung back. I was getting terrible no use shots and I was very disappointed. The lighting was great for the show, but bad for camera work. I waited until the audience was told they could come up to the front at the shows end to use the flash. It was one of the poorest shoots I have ever had.
I hope my regular readers are not too disappointed.
See ya later, alligator,

James and Claudine Tussart and Patty McGehee
Photographer Erika Molleck Goldring and PattyMcGehee
Patty and Mary Gale
Photo by Dan
James Tussart metal hand crafted guitar Photo by Patty McGehee
Sonny Landreth
Photo by Patty McGehee
Sonny Labdreth and
C C Adcok
Photo by Patty McGehee
Dickie Landry
Photo by Patty McGehee
Sonny and CC
Photo by Patty McGehee
Ani Defranco, Dickie Landry, and CC Adcock
Photo by Patty McGehee

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