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Gumbopalloza at Gumbo Phil Daigle's by Patty McGehee

Gumbopalloza at Gumbo Phil Daigle's

by Patty McGehee on Wednesday, September 15, 2010 at 9:16pm
I was hanging around in FB when I got a message about Gumbopalloza. Was I going? Well, I searched the web trying to find out where it was to no avail. I sent a message to Kevin asking, "Is it a private party? I don't want to crash a private party."  Juan sent me a message and says, "It is public." Gumbo Phil and I had been My Space friends a long time ago but we had never met in person before. So, Dan and I decided to go over there. I get directions from someone and off we went  driving over to Gumbo Phil's house, which is tucked away on the back  side of  truck stop. As he explained it, his house is  "Hidden away like Batman's cave."

Gumbo Phil came out to the the parking area to greet us as we drove up.  He was very nice and welcomed us. At first I was feeling  awkward because it seemed to be a privite event. I felt like I may be "crashing" uninvited. But Phil embraced us with open arms and we got our lawn chairs out of the car and settled in to hear the music. After a while, Phil came out and gave the me grande tour of his home and I felt all trepidation melt away. We settled in for a fine afternoon and evening of spectacular live music.
When we arrrived, Rick Hebert's band was playing some really good 60's covers that was fun and well done.
Then Greg Mouton was up with Benny Bernard and they were fun.  Kevin Sekhani played accompanied by Michael Juan Nunez, Greg Walls, Chad Willis, Blake Simon, and Ester Tyree. As darkness fell. King Alexander on blues harp played with his brother on electric piano.
As darkness fell. King Alexander on blues harp played with his brother on electric piano. Then Drew Landry played.

I met Phil's wife Summer and we made friends. Over the course of the afternoon and evening, a lot of people I was aquainted with came to play music and eat Gumbo. First  Kevin Sekhani arrived with Greg Walls. Then Drew Landry, Chad Willis,  and Michael Juan Nunez showed up. On hand was King Alexander, harp player,  and others...I am sorry, but I did not learn the names of all of the performers that played.
Dan and I slipped off to go see Michael Juan Nunez play at Somewhere's Else. The mosquitoes were biting my feet .....I was aware that I was missing out on some more fine music that was to come, but Juan mande up for that by his performance  later on  that night. (More to come about that show soon...)

Patty McGehee

Summer and Patty
Rick Hebert photo by Patty McGehee
Greg Mouton and Benny Bernard of Red Dawgphoto by Patty McGehee
Greg Walls photo by Patty McGehee
Kevin Sekhani
Chad Willis and Blake Simon photo by Patty McGehee
Michael Juan Nunez with his guitar with the frattoire attached, made by T Don Landry
photo by Patty McGehee
Drew Landry photo by Patty McGehee
Esther Tyree photo by Patty McGehee

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