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Invisible Cowboy at Ruby's Roadhouse: An Americana Sampler by Patty McGehee

Invisible Cowboy at Ruby's Roadhouse: An Americana Sampler

by Patty McGehee on Monday, August 9, 2010
Dan and I got over to Ruby's kinda late but still had enough time to visit with lead singer Patrick Catania. We discussed what concerts we all three had been to lately. Patrick had gone to see Ringo Star, Dan had gone to see Robert Plant, and I had gone to see Sons of Voodoo and The Canes.

The crowd was sparse that night. Most of the crowd were unsophisticated and kept requesting cover songs that Bag Of Donuts plays all the time. Bad 80's cover music. Invisible Cowboy is better than that. Patrick and Chris have a knack of picking their covers, then arranging them so it becomes their own. Patrick also writes some wonderful original songs. The real music heads usually found at Ruby's were headed out of town to Grande Isle for that festival and no where to be seen. Or maybe they were at home getting ready for that tropical storm. Mandeville is right on Lake Pontchartrain and many people may have been securing boats and such.

We did not stay for the whole show because Dan was exhausted. That was not fun for me because I am a trooper and usually stay go to the end of the show. Invisible Cowboy usually gets wound up and better as the night wears on. They save their Rockabilly stuff towards the end of their show and I did not get to see what I wanted to see. The best songs of the night were: "Broken Glass, Shaky Pudding, and Ghost Town." Patrick channeled Johnny Cash in "I walk the line..." It was wonderful because Jim Ricketts had a bass line that stole the show. At first I thought it was the guitar and I got up and went closer to the band and realized it was the bass that was so good.

All of the arrangements were sophisticated and well thought out.

Chris Zimmer always wows me with his guitar work. He plays harmonic notes and weaves them into the mix, which always does "something" to me. Patrick has a great range and versatility in his voice. Chris Tucker plays drums well, sings awesome background vocals, and plays a mean harmonica.

Ruby's has too much cigarette smoke to make it a comfortable place to go to for me and I found it hard to hang in there. I looked over on the bench where Dan was and he was actually nodding off so I decided to take him home so he could rest.
It was worth the drive over and I was glad I went.

Chris Tucker

Chris Zimmer
Jim Ricketts
Patrick Catania

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