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Is it Feaux Blood or Faux Blood???? A foray into "English Territory" Louisiana on Halloween by Patty McGehee

Is it Feaux Blood or Faux Blood???? A foray into "English Territory" Louisiana on Halloween

by Patty McGehee on Saturday, November 20, 2010 at 7:11pm
Dan  and I drove  off to St. Francisville Louisiana at 9:00 am on Halloween morning. The weather was perfect. We were headed to the Feaux Blood Festival at Magnolia Cafe. We got there about 11:20 am and we went into the cafe and had a wonderful meal. Dan had fish and I had a California inspired BLT with sprouts and Avocado on it. It was wonderful.

The stage was set up in the center of the old Magnolia Motor Courts that were built for the tourist industry, probably in the 1920's. The backdrop over the stage had FAUX BLOOD I  painted on it. I thought we were going to the FEAUX BLOOD I  Festival! I guess "English Territory Louisiana " does not know how to spell using "Cajun" French language! I got a kick out of that! The place is cute and well maintained. We set up chairs just to the right of the sound booth. There was NO ONE there, except for the musicians themselves. I walked around and visited for a moment with Jace Everett and had a photo  taken with him and Chuck Profit.

We settled in and just lazed in the lawn chairs enjoying being outside.  After a long while, maybe an hour or so, Joe Hall  from Lafayette got up and did a set on squeeze box.  At first, I was disappointed because I had read that Mitch Reed was going to be there and the fiddle player was not as as good a Mitch. (Maybe he was a STUDENT of Mitch Reed's.) He definitely was a beginner, but I praise him for getting on stage and doing it! Joe Hall sang a very fun song about two dogs named Dixieland and Fido. I loved it! I told Dan, if I ever get another dog, I would name it  Fido and spell it the French way, Phideaux.

Then Jeff and Vida got up and wowed me with their Bluegrass set. They used to play around a lot in our community but I was never able to get Dan to go see them. After watching their set, he admitted that he really loved them. After they performed, I bought their two CD's and talked to them a while. They were really nice people. Vida has a stellar voice and her timing is perfect.

CC Adcock, Hart Fortenberry, and Cedric Watson arrived and got set up to do a duo. Hart was along as roadie as usual.
I talked to him for a few minutes about New Orleans music. We had a nice visit.

Cedric and CC put on a sweet set, with Cedric filling out the fiddle part on "Runaway life."  It was sweet, but my favorite was "The Last Hayride."  It was very enjoyable.

Jace Everett was up and he put on a great set, very powerful. It was fun to watch his facial expressions and his intensity. His style of music is seldom heard here in Louisiana, so it was a treat for me.

Chuck Profit's set was awesome, with CC sitting in towards the end. I enjoyed it immensely. I am not sure if St. Francisville was ready for the use of the F word  on stage or references to taking off a girls little black dress, but I am sure they will get over it! LOL! The crowd continued to be extremely spare and I wondered if the owner lost a lot of money. He had set up a wonderful sound system and the facilities were excellent. I would definitely go back for Feaux Blood/Faux Blood II, if it ever materializes.
Kevin  Ford has an excellent facility, was a gracious host, and provided an excellent sound system. I enjoyed his staff and his hospitality. I am hoping that this festival can grow and become a regular event. I enjoyed walking around in the surrounding area to see children dressed up in their Halloween costumes doing the Trick or Treat thing. I had a wonderful time.

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